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Top 10 Rooftop Bars North East

Top 10 Rooftop Bars - North East
Nightlife in north east - Top 10 Rooftop Bars:
The nightlife atmosphere provided by clubs and bars of north eastern states is mind blowing. The usual bars offer mind blowing drinks and great atmosphere. But when it comes to rooftop bars, the nightlife you enjoy seems like the best night under moon light. The natural theme you enjoy on rooftop bars is amazing. Here we will be talking about top 10 rooftop bars of north east. These are:
1.Cloud 9:
Cloud 9 is a wonderful bar to visit in north east. It is very famous for some great live performances that you will see there on the rooftop. The atmosphere of this place is mind blowing and you will enjoy live music here.
2.The Rooftop:
A rooftop barbeque restaurant is a wonderful place and has outdoor seating facility available on the rooftop. You will also get some amazing drinks at this restaurant. You will get one of the best meal prepared by our master chef for a wonderful dinner. This restaurant is situated on the sides of Brahmaputra river and provides an amazing panoramic view. During night hours, the river looks so beautiful and you will find a lot of peace just watching from this rooftop restaurant having a drink in your hand. 
3.Confucius Restaurant:
The confucius Restaurant is a chinese restaurant very famous in Guwahati for its outdoor seating arrangement and a fact that it is open till midnight. You can plan a wonderful dinner with your better half and enjoy some of the finest drinks at its bars. 
4.Char Koal, Imphal:
Char koal is a mind blowing bar in Imphal that offers an environment of marvelous outdoor seating under the blue skies, beside the river, to enjoy a great cuisine. Char Koal is the only rooftop restaurant in Imphal that operates so late and provides such a wonderful atmosphere. 
5.Cafe Riverrun, Guwahati:
Cafe Riverrun is a Cozy corner with starry lights, and a view that provides a marvelous view of the mighty Brahmaputra. It is situated in Guwahati and have all the features of being a great night out place. You will be able to enjoy all types of drinks at this cafe. 
6.Jiva Restaurant, Guwahati:
An extraordinary Restaurant having contemporary looks can take your heart away in Guwahati. Jiga restaurant is also a wonderful bar and is located on the way between Shillong and Guwahati. It is a rooftop restaurant we may say as it has options for outdoor seating. 
7.Cafe Shillong:
The nightlife in Shillong is wonderful and is even more enhanced by the presence of Cafe Shillong. It is a well recognized place very famous among the tourists. You get outdoor seating facility making it a rooftop bar or cafe as well. It is known for its jazz performances performed by professionals.
8.The Black Sheep, Dimapur:
The black sheep is the most famous night out place in Dimapur. It is known to be a great bar with all kinds of drinks available on the menu. It has been following some industrial forms of architectures and has given this cafe the most different look. It provides you with both indoor and outdoor facilities. Most of the tourists who share their photos on social media are often asked about the place as it provides some of the best photographs. 
This amazing restaurant is is situated in the beautiful state of Assam and provides great outdoor facility for visitors. This place is also famous for its drinks. 
10.Soilyna Huts:
The Soilyna Huts are situated in Meghalaya. You get outdoor facility in the form of rocks. The table is a rock as well as the chair is a rock. This is great restaurant to have dinner at with some amazing drinks.

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