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Top 10 Hawker Centers North East

Top 10 Hawker Centers - North East

Eating out in north east - Top 10 Hawker centers:

The street food of every tourist destination is tasted by most of the tourists. North east is an area of India where you will find some of the most amazing street dishes available. Millions of people love the hawker centers of north eastern states. Here we will discuss the top 10 hawker centers of north east. These are:


The most popular street dish of Assam is known as Laksa. It is a Malaysian origin spicy noodle soup which definitely have the power to awaken your taste buds. It has a very unique taste and most of the tourists like this street food. Its taste is so delicious. It is prepared with a blend of coconut milk, tamarind, flavoured fish paste, and spices.


Ali muri is the best street food of Meghalaya. It is unquestionably mouth-watering dish found on the streets of Meghalaya. It is a mixture of boiled potatoes, puffed rice, papaya skin, oil, roasted spices, and tamarind sauce. It is a very delicious dish and is a perfect recipe to be one of the best street foods in north east. 

3.Arunachal Pradesh:

Thenthuk is the most popular street food of Arunachal Pradesh. It is a hearty noodle soup made from meat stock, hilly vegetables and  fresh noodles. It is considered to be very similar in taste and texture to thukpa. 


In Tripura, the most famous street food is Chikvi. It is a good mixture of bamboo shoots and sliced pork, fried together. It is a wonderful dish and enjoyed by most of the tourists. 


Smoked pork is the most served street food of Nagaland. It can be found everywhere on the streets of Nagaland. This dish is served at many restaurants as well. This dish is considered to be a trademark among the foods in Nagaland. 


Sanpiau is a very popular Mizo snack which can be found on the streets of Mizoram. Sanpiau is a type of rice porridge. It is usually served with fresh coriander paste, black pepper, fish sauce, and powdered rice. On top of this dish, you will find spring onions.


Kelli Chana is a wonderful street food found in Manipur. It is available at many places in Manipur. It is one of the most famous dish in Manipur. It is a A herb-flavoured snack from Manipur and is served on a lotus leaf. The aroma of the leaf contributes to the taste of this delicious dish. 


Shapale is the major street food found in Sikkim. It looks just like a large fried momo or a samosa. It is very crunchy from outside and is  filled with chicken/meat, onions, and spices. It is considered to he an anytime street snack in Sikkim.


Momos are what you will find on the streets of Shillong. All the hawker centers serve the momos with different fillings. Pork and chicken momos are the most popular and liked by millions of tourists. There are places just half a kilometer away from each other that serve momos in Shillong. It is a city known for its momos. 


Luchi is the most popular street food of Guwahati. It is a flat bread made with flour and deep fried. It looks just similar to a poori but the size is small. You will find many roadside vendors serving this surprisingly light fried bread with gravies. These gravies can be both, vegetarian or non-vegetarian in nature. 

Above is given the list of top 10 hawker centers in north east. This is all about eating out in north east - Top 10 Hawker Centers.

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