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Top 10 Dishes North East

Top 10 Dishes - North East

Eating out in north east - Top 10 dishes:

There are so many wonderful dishes that you will find in all the restaurants of north eastern states. But there are some dishes, which are just the traditional dishes of north east. We have made a list of top 10 traditional dishes found in north eastern states. The list is given below:


Khar is a very delicious dish without which all the meals in Assam are considered to be incomplete. Assamese This wonderful dish is prepared with ingredients such as raw papaya, pulses, etc. The best thing about this dish is the ingredients used to make this dish are very delicately filtered in water. Then it is dried through banana ashes to get a great flavour. 


Pitha is one of the most famous snack of Assam. It is usually served at breakfast or with an evening cuppa. You will find many types of pitha as they can vary from being sweet or savoury, or fried, or roasted or barbequed inside a hollow bamboo stem. It is a wonderful dish you should try in Assam. 

3.Fish Tenga:

Fish tenga is a very famous dish of Assam. It has a very light and tangy fish curry which is prepared with Elephant Apple. This is a sour fruit and brings out a good yet sour taste in this delicious dish.


This is a very famous snack found in Mizoram. It is a snack sold in the streets of Mizoram and is usually served at home. It is prepared with rice porridge and served with fresh coriander paste, onions, black pepper, fish sauce and powdered rice.

5.Smoked Pork:

Nagaland is a state very popular for having dishes related to pork. You will find smoked pork as the traditional dish of Nagaland. This dish is very crispy on the outside but juicy inside. It can be varied using other ingredients or prepared into a curry with local flavours as well.

6.Nga Atoiba Thongba:

This is one of the most popular dish of Manipur. It is a hot pasty fish curry which is prepared with the help of fish stew. This stew is boiled and mixed with many ingredients and vegetables such as potatoes, fresh bay leaves, onion, cumin, chillies and chives. This is the favorite dish of the people of Manipur. 


This is yet another Manipuri dish which is popular among tourists. It involves a very simple preparation which involves fermented fish, mashed potatoes, fresh green leaves and blazing red chillies. The dish is known for its strong and pungent taste. It is considered to be the lifeline of Manipuri cuisine.


Jadoh is a very famous dish found in Meghalaya. This is a very exciting dish from Meghalaya which is basically a luscious pork and rice-based delicacy. Jadoh is prepared using minimum oil and  has a unique and aromatic taste.


Gyathuk is a flavourful recipe found in Sikkim. We can say that it is an Indian version of Tibetan noodle soup. It is known to be an appetizing noodle-based steamy soup. Gyathuk has a special feature that it suddenly goes well with or without meat.


This is a very popular dish found in Arunachal Pradesh. It is prepared just with the help of millet flour and boiling water. This is an appetizing spicy dish which can be enjoyed with green vegetables and charred meat as well.

Above is given the list of top 10 dishes you must taste in north east. This is all about eating out in north east - Top 10 dishes.

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