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Tibetan Settlement Market Tawang North East

Tibetan Settlement Market Tawang - North East

North east India is known for its natural beautiful. With the states knowing the value of their natural beauty, they are turning into mind blowing tourist hubs. In recent decade, all the eight states of north east has worked on its tourism sector and now are considered to be some of the finest tourist destination sites in India. They are maintained all the things needed to develop into a place where millions of tourists can visit every year. One if the biggest achievements due to which so many tourists visit north east is its adventure activities and most importantly, its wildlife. North east is the home of many world famous national parks as well as sanctuaries. Namdapha Tiger Reserve is one of the most famous all over India. It is a vast biodiversity specially dedicated to tigers and is the 3rd largest national park situated in East Himalayan ranges. This national park has proved to be one of the major attractions for tourists and is full of slow loris, hoolock Gibbons , clouded Leopard, stump tailed macaque, red panda, and wild buffaloes. Another adventurous activity to do in north east is the trek of Gorichen peak. It is the highest peaks in Himalayan and comes in the territory of Arunachal Pradesh. It offers amazing Trekking adventures with so many breathtaking views of amazing valleys and great peaks around it. You will also he able to visit the Ganga Lake. It is situated in Itanagar and is considered to be one of the most beautiful lakes found in north east. It is also known for providing amazing boating experience. 

One of the oldest temple situated in north east is named as Kamakhya Temple. You will find this temple in Assam, which has proved to be the major gateways for all the tourists to visit other states of north east. Apart from a great option for pilgrims, north east also serves as a great place for shopping lovers. There are many markets where you can spend lots of hours and buy wonderful things. Here we will be talking about shopping in north east - Tibetan Settlement Market Tawang. 

Shopping in north east - Tibetan Settlement Market Tawang:

Tibetan Settlement Market is a very famous place where tourists visit for shopping purposes in Tawang. It is very famous among the local people by the name Vihara Market. It is situated in the beautiful city of Tawang and consists of many shops. It is very popular for many roadside sacks which provide amazing variety of items you need as a tourist. You get a lot of options to shop if you visit this market in Tawang. You will be provided a large variety of traditional clothes, gift items, handicrafts, Chinese crockeries, porcelain crockery items, statues, prayer wheels, wall hangings, ornaments, beautiful mugs, teapots, etc at a very reasonable price.

If you are looking for a great shopping experience in Tawang, then Tibetan Settlement Market is the place. Shopping at the Tibetan Settlement Market is considered to be the most fun activity if you are a shopping lover. Tibetan settlement market or we can also say Vihara market is a small area where you will find many shops and items of your choice. Here you will also find some wonderful restaurants and eateries. You will mostly find local eateries in Tibetan Settlement Market. This market is most famous for the traditional items of Tawang. 

Above is given all the information Tibetan Settlement market of Tawang. This is all about shopping in north east - Tibetan Settlement Market Tawang.

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