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Siang River North East

Siang River - North East
North east is a very important part of India as far as tourism is concerned. It is also abbreviated as NER and plays a vital role in terms of political importance. This political importance can be explained with the help of the fact that it shares borders with many neighbouring countries such as Bhutan, Bangladesh, Tibet and Myanmar. Millions of tourists travel to north eastern states of India every year. If you travel to north east, you will be able find many dense forest, beautiful Valleys and snow capped mountains. One of the most beautiful and visited state in north eastern India is Assam. Assam is located on the southern side of Eastern Himalayas and has become a major tourist hub. Guwahati on the other hand is becoming equally popular among the tourists. There are many other great tourist hubs in north east which include Meghalaya, Arunachal pradesh, Shillong, etc. The tourism of Assam is considered to be the best as as there you will be able to see many national park, beautiful rivers, majestic lakes, hot water spring, dense forest and largest wildlife sanctuaries. Assam is believed to be the best Eco prime tourist destination of India. In Assam, you can explore more than 11 bird and wildlife sanctuaries. North east has become a part of India whose states offer the best time for tourists. These states provide the ideal atmosphere for all kinds of tour packages. We provide all the possible tour packages available for north east. In north eastern states, you can visit with various packages. You can visit with family tour packages, friends tour packages, adventure tour packages, honeymoon tour packages, and packages to all the tourists destinations in north east. There are so many things to do in north east in terms of tourism. You will find both local as well as foreign tourists. You will find many tourists spots filled with tourists mainly during the summer season. Here we will discuss about one such destination. Below we will be talking about things to do in north east - Siang River. 
Things to do in north east - Siang River:
Siang River is a very popular tourist attraction to visit in Arunachal Pradesh. Its visit provides a great opportunities for tourists to take part in some mind blowing  adventure sports such river rafting, angling, and trekking. Siang River is situated newr a small town known as Pagin. The visit to this river gives an opportunity to connect with the hilly local population. Siang river is a must visit spot which houses a very famous hanging bridge and this is going to be a thrilling way to cross over a river. The bridge on the Siang River is made up of cane and bamboo. This is one of the most interesting feature of the river that invites millions of tourists to gisit this beautiful place. There you will find peace and see natural beauty at its best. To visit Siang River, you need to reach Pangin. Pangin is a small town located in Arunachal Pradesh and you will be able to reach here via national highway from Itanagar. Apart from Siang River, Pagin is also famous for other places. The town is itself a charming place and you can visit many other tourist attractions such as Daying Ering Wildlife Sanctuary, Kekar Monying and Komsing. The best time to visit Pagin is just the time before winters. 
Above is given all the information about Siang river of Arunachal Pradesh. This is all about things to do in north east - Siang river.

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