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Police Bazaar Shillong North East

Police Bazaar Shillong - North East
North east India is that area of India that you will find close to Tibet, China and Bangladesh on the map of India. It has a great political importance for the country but in addition to that, in recent decades, it is proving to be a great tourist destination visited by millions of local as well as foreign tourists. You will be able to set up a tour of eight states in north east. All these states are popular different from one another in providing some mind blowing atmosphere to the tourists. We provide great tour packages to north east which include all facilities from your travelling to lodging as well as to the local tours and transportation. You can visit this area of India with your friends, family or on a honeymoon as well. 
People visit north east India to witness so many attractions as well as to do a lot of things related to tourism. These states also provide a lot of adventure. Tourists get attracted to north east because of many features. One among the so many major features is the shopping atmosphere offered by all these states. Here we will be talking about shopping in north east - Police Bazaar Shillong. 
Shopping in north east - Police Bazaar Shillong:
Police bazaar is considered to be one of the most famous markets situated in the heart of Shillong city. It is the most important shopping centers for tourists and also for the residents of Shillong as well as Meghalaya. You will not find a lot of shopping centers in Meghalaya. This is the most visited shopping place Meghalaya. You will find a few shopping malls, and some other small building around the Police bazaar. You will be able to do a lot of shopping in the shops of this market. You will also find many roadside vendors in Police bazaar. During summers, you will find this place overflowing with people, mostly tourists throughout the day. If you are staying anywhere in or around Shillong, you can easily reach this bazaar by a taxi or a bus or by small vans. The visuals of this place are that you will find a circular market with 7 roads running parallel to the shops. Some of these roads are one way only to ease the traffic following so many tourist visits. If you are driving yourself, then you should know about this fact and also try to stay away from the cops. 
You will find so many shops and roadside vendors in Police bazaar. Most of these shops and vendors sell winter products such as woollen and printed pajamas, leather jackets, soft blazers, leather shoes, fresh fruits, woollen shawls, warm sweaters, woollen caps etc. All these products which you will find here are going to be very cheap but of great use. In this bazaar, you will find many small shops on the ground floor and the basement in all the buildings surrounding the police bazaar. On the higher floors of these buildings, you will mostly find hotels and other such services. You will also be able to have some great food at Police bazaar. You can opt for both vegetarian and non vegetarian food. You will also find the street food of Meghalaya here. This is the most tasty among all the street foods of north east. If you are not interested in shopping, still in the evening, you can walk around the bazaar and some delicious meal. 
Above is given all the information about Police bazaar of Shillong. This is all about shopping in north east - Police bazaar Shillong.

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