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Pilgrimage Tour Packages North East

North east India is boasted with natural beauties which offers best time to explore many places from lakes to national park, from mountains to forest and from highest peaks to terrains. This place is located at the hilltop area which offers beautiful scenery views and here you can visit many picturesque places that adds exotic memories in your tours. You can see huge frosty white clouds floating in air on your sides and can see the beauty of sunrise and sunset in different valley's. This place holds something very special to experience and offers many thrilling and funniest moments in your vacations.

Here you can feel the real romance in the air near the Nuranang fall which is also known as Bong bong Fall and its height is of 100 metres. Add this place in your trip to make it more romantic. Don't forget to spend some tea time in the valley of solace at the Ravangla which is  the popular southern part of the state of Sikkim's. The surrounding area of this Valley is full of tea gardens, vast flower parks and snow capped mountains. You can enjoy the bird watching at the monarchy of Ralang ( 6 kilometres away from Ralang palace) . Around the Tsomgo lake, enjoy the safari on Yak which can add magical experience with sweet memories. You will find a lot of diversity in the culture and tradition in the north eastern states. There are so many religious places in all the states of north east. Here we will be talking about pilgrimage tour packages to north east.

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Pilgrimage tour packages to north east:

The beautiful country of India is famous all over the world for its diversity in culture, tradition, etc. but what binds the people of India together is the diversity in religion and faith. In India, you can practice and follow any faith you want and you are free to do it in law as well as in society. North east India is very famous for its diversity in religion. Here we will talk about our pilgrimage tours to north east. 

Pilgrimage packages:

There are so many places in north eastern states where you will find many pilgrimage destinations. Thus, we provide pilgrimage packages to facilitate the tours to these pilgrimage sites. Some of the religious sites included in these packages are:

● Kamakhya Devi Temple, Assam

● Parsuram Kund, Arunachal Pradesh

● Unakoti Hill Temples, Tripura

● Shri Govindajee Temple, Manipur

● Rumtek Monastery, Sikkim

The kamakhya devi temple is considered to be the most famous hindu temple in the whole north east India. The Unakoti hill temple is a world pilgrimage destination and is counted among the 7 wonders of India. You will find most of the temples in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. As far as pilgrimage sites for buddhists are concerned, the best place to visit is Sikkim. Tripura is mainly famous for the pilgrimage spots which are the oldest and situated at far off places. If you choose to visit a particular state, you will be taken all the religious places there. Such as if you want to visit Assam for pilgrimage tour, you will be taken to many more temples apart from kamakhya devi temple. Above places are just kept for the prototype of each state. 

Above is given all the information about the pilgrimage places that are included in our pilgrimage packages. You can customise these tour packages according to your wish. This is all about pilgrimage tour packages to north east.

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