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Off Beat Tour Packages North East

North-East India is one of the most important region of India that give many benefits as far as tourism of the country is concerned. Here you can visit many different states which include Sikkim, Arunachal pradesh, Tripura, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Manipur. Every state is famous tourist spot and full of beautiful landmarks, mountains ranges, vast diversity, parks, etc. These states are connected to many international borders. The whole area of north east is connected with eastern india by a path of 40 kilometres which passes Siliguri Corridor. Assam is located near eastern Himalayas. From north its immediate neighbours are Arunachal pradesh and Bhutan. From east, it is surrounded by Manipur and Nagaland. From south it borders tripura, Bangladesh and Mizoram. 

Assam is very much famous for silk and one horned rhinoceros. Here you will be able to see Sal tree forest and these forests are always green due to heavy rainfall. North east is considered to be the most precipitated area in India. In past people of Assam used to follow burman-Tibetan culture. Now the new culture is influenced a bit by British culture. Bihu and durga puja is very popular festival celebrated in the month of April in Assam. You will be able to visit so many places in north east India. The states of north east provide amazing atmosphere for an ideal tour with your family. Tourists from all over India and from all over  the world visit north eastern states for recreation purposes. Millions of tourists visit north east Indian states every year and we offer great packages to them. Here we will be talking about offbeat tour packages to north east.

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Offbeat tour packages to north east:

There are many places which can be said to be off the beat places in many states of north east. These places are generally not visited by everyone and thus they are the offbeat places. These offbeat places are included in a special package known as offbeat packages. We will discuss these packages in detail below:

Offbeat packages:

There are so many places that we can add in our offbeat tour packages we provide to the north eastern states. The offbeat places that you will visit during these packages are:

● Living root bridges in Meghalaya:

It is a wonderful place in Meghalaya which is found in the jungle. It is actually a massive banyan tree root which spreads over the river forming a bridge. This bridge is known as living root bridge which is one of the most secret place in the north east. 

● North Sikkim:

North Sikkim is one of the least populous place in India and is not visited by many tourists either. It is very beautiful but still unexplored in every tour. This beautiful place is the home for red panda and thus we have included in our offbeat places. 

● Singalila trek:

It is the longest trek that is available in north east. It is famous as Singalila Ridge trek. It is admired by few but has become an offbeat track. It is one of the best trekking experience you will every have in life. This trek ranges from Sikkim to Nepal borders. You will be able to experience many surprises of nature during this trek. 

Above are given few offbeat tracks that you should choose to visit while your north east tour. This is all about offbeat tour packages to north east. These tour packages are chosen by millions of tourists every year. These packages give to a chance to explore the places explored by very few tourists.

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