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New Year Tour Packages North East

These are the most special tour packages available to North east as these are available during the busiest time of the year in terms of tourism. You will be able to book these tour packages only once every year. These tour packages are filled with many features and you will visit all the great places and celebrate new year’s eve as it is celebrated in north eastern states. You will see a lot of diversity in festivals as well as celebration during New year’s eve in north east. These tour packages involve the visit to all the places in North east which are full of mind blowing activities during new year. We will discuss about tour packages to different cities of north east.

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● New year tour of Guwahati:

One of the best tourist destination in north east is Guwahati. It is a major Gateway of Northeast India in terms of tourism. Millions of tourists visit Guwahati at the end of the year so that they will enjoy their new year holidays there. New year is considered to be the time when you will find a large number of tourists in Guwahati. New year’s eve is celebrated in the most amazing way in Guwahati. You will get to participate in many local festivals and programs held in Guwahati. We provide mind blowing new year tour packages to Guwahati. The whole city is lighted up with decorations and you will find many gathering and programs held in the main market of Guwahati. You will visit all the major tourist places while travelling with our new year package. Some of these places Guwahati Planetarium, The Assam State Museum, ISKCON Guwahati, Chandubi Lake, Assam State Zoo, etc. 

● New year tour of Dimapur:

The major gateway to Nagaland is Dimapur. Dimapur is one of the most popular part of Northeast. It is a must place to visit in north east. The best time to visit Dimapur is during New Year’s eve. The word Dimapur means ‘the city near a great river’. We offer mind blowing tour packages on new year’s eve. At this time of year, the city is found to be full of tourists. You will find the whole city full of lights and many festivals. You can visit a bit early to enjoy Christmas as well as new year’s eve. In this tour package, you will be taken to all the wonderful places of Dimapur. There are many tourist attractions in the Dimapur such as Zoological Park, Diezephe Craft Village, Nagaland Science Centre, Green Park, etc. 

● New year tour of Shillong:

Mainly, this tour is planned after the tour of Guwahati. You will visit Shillong with our new year tour packages and you will definitely enjoy the most during that part of the year. Shillong is a very beautiful town to visit during last days of the year. Millions of tourists book these new year tours before hand because during the last months of the year, these packages are already booked and there won’t be any left for you. These tour packages are specially meant for new year so as to enjoy the start of another year in a wonderful fashion. In Shillong, you will be able to attend the art and culture festival which is organised by government. Besides that, you will be taken to many tourists places of Shillong. You can also visit Khasi hills which offers the best view of the whole city. You will be taken to so many places of Shillong which include Umiam Lake, Elephant Falls, Don Bosco Museum, etc.

● New year tour of Tawang:

Tawang is counted among one of the most visited cities in north east in terms of tourism. We provide mind blowing packages under the name new year tour packages. These packages are to be booked for new year’s eve. You get to enjoy your new year in Tawang which is decorated in the most amazing fashion. You will be a part of large gatherings and festivals during this time in tawang. These tour packages are the most booked for Tawang. You will find millions tourists exploring the beautiful tawang alongside you on the roads. This is the most delightful time to visit Tawang. You will also be taken for sightseeing during this time. You will visit Madhuri Lake, sela pass and many more places. 

● New year tour of Imphal:

Imphal is a great place to visit for new year’s eve. You will get an energizing feel just by visiting this city during this time of the year. On the streets of Imphal, you will always find that hustle and bustle about new year and the plannings and decoration going around in full flow. You will not get such an environment anywhere in India. Here people get so excited and enjoy the new year to the fullest. You will feel that you are one among them and enjoy a lot. You will participate in many events held for new year’s eve. We offer great tour packages for new year in Imphal. You will also be taken to the tour of whole city. You will visit all the tourist attractions here. You will be taken to places such as Ema Keithel (also known as Mother’s Market), Loktak Lake, Red Hill Lokpaching, Kangla Fort, Sirohi National Park, Manipur State Museum, Sekta Archaeological Living Museum, Manipur Zoological Gardens, etc. 

● New year tour of Gangtok:

Gangtok is the capital city of Sikkim. This is the most beautiful city of north east as far as natural beauty is concerned. Everyone who visits Gangtok gets mesmerized by the beauty of Gangtok. Its beauty is most complimented by lifty Himalayan peaks which look every more beautiful during new year’s eve. During new year’s eve, we provide wonderful tour packages to Gangtok. These packages must be booked earlier and these will be the best moments of your life. To enjoy quality time during holidays, you must visit Gangtok. There are so many festivals that take place during new year’s eve in Gangtok. Tourists fall in love with the winters and also plan their honeymoon in Gangtok. We provide all facilities including travel to many tourist hubs of Gangtok. In our new year tour packages, you will be taken to places like MG Marg. This is the most vibrant place to visit during new year’s eve. 

Above is given all the information about new year packages. This is all about new year tour packages to north east. These are considered to be mind blowing tour packages to enjoy your holidays. These are the most taken tour packages to North east.

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