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Luxury Tour Packages North East

North-East is major attractions for tourists in India. This part is the beautiful region of eastern side of India which is full of beautiful landscapes, gardens, lakes and jagged mountains. Here you can visit number of different states in your vacations that makes your trip full of memorable moments. You will cherish to visit some of the beautiful state of NER like Assam, Meghalaya, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh. 40 kilometres roads in siliguri Corridor connects  easter India with north east side. It is popular road to visit North East by road. It is full of tourists in whole year. Thus to enjoy the visit to north eastern states you can choose any package in any month. You can sew many international cultures  and traditions of tibet, Bangladesh and others neighbouring countries near the bordering area of Northeast. 

● Bhutan from north west

● Bangladesh from SouthWest 

● China from north

● Myanmar from east. 

Full year, you can see here fields full of yield, which makes it important places that takes major part in the development of India in every aspect of different fields like transport, infrastructure, education, tourism and shooting for movies. Here you can visit vast forests with many species of animals and birds. As in northeast you can explore large diversity of flora and fauna. North eastern states in India are very popular tourist destinations. Millions of tourists visit north east to enjoy their trip with family or friends. We provide mind blowing tour packages to north east states of India. Here we will be talking about luxury tour packages to north east.

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Luxury tour packages to north east:

These are wonderful tour packages available to the north eastern states. These are the tour packages which include a lot of mind blowing services. These are a bit high budget tour packages but are the most wonderful tour packages as far as luxury is concerned. Here we will discuss about these tour packages in detail:

Luxury packages:

These tour packages all the luxury services in terms of lodging and transportation. These include the following services and places.

● Darjeeling:

This tour will include so many things. You will stay in a 7 star hotel in Darjeeling if you are travelling with luxury package. Here you will also do mountaineering. It will definitely be a royal stay and a royal travel. You will be taken to all the heritage sites and the transportation that will be provided to you will be a heavy car. It will be a comfortable stay for 3 days in Darjeeling. 

● Gangtok:

Gangtok can provide the most royal setting in the whole of north east. It is a lovely place with so many 5 star hotels and restaurant. Here you will get to enjoy the best of royal nightlife in north east. There are many casinos in Gangtok. Your stay will be arranged in a five star hotel with mind blowing casino. Here you will also be able to enjoy some adventure sports. 

Above is given all the information about our luxury packages. These packages come with best services as far as quality is confirmed. These consist the best of everything you do while on your trip. This is all about luxury tour packages to north east. These are the most comfortable tour packages available to north eastern states.

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