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Cruise Tour Packages North East

One of the best region of India famous for its tourism is North-East India. The whole area offers best geographically features. There are a total number of 8 states which make the north eastern side of India. These include Manipur, Meghalaya, Sikkim, Tripura, Mizoram, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and Manipur. In west bengal, the siliguri Corridor connects the whole section with the eastern Region of India. From north side of North east India, you will find the cultures that resemble with China and Myanmar and from east, the cultures resemble to those of bhutan and Bangladesh. In north east region you will see Himalayas to the best of natural beauty. Here you can see wide yield of crops plantation and greenery. Almost six vegetation types are found in north east which constitute 80% of total types of vegetation found in India. 

Here you will be able to explore the wildlife to its best where you will see different species of animals and birds. There are a total of 51 types of forests in north eastern India. These forests are mainly of two types like alpine and deciduous forests. Every state in north east is rich with flora and fauna. The food recipes found in north east are completely magical as here you will taste many types of NER cuisines which are so much delicious that you will surely lick your fingers. Some of the best cuisines of Northeast are found in the states Manipur, Assam, Meghalaya. These cuisines are known as Naga, sikkimese and Tibetan cuisines. Bhangui is the most liked food of Tripura, for Manipur the best food is considered to be si paknam. The major dish in the whole north east is thukpa. Manipur is a mind blowing place to visit with your family. There are so many wonderful places to visit in terms tourism. The beautiful state of Manipur provides so many options to the tourists for sightseeing, shopping, adventure sports, and many more. The nightlife is also very enjoyable. We offer the tourists with some mind blowing tour packages to Manipur and to the rest of north east. Here we will be talking about our cruise tour packages to north east.

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Cruise tour packages to north east:

These are mind blowing tour packages to north east. These tour packages are regular tour packages but definitely include the cruise tour. We provide amazing cruise packages. Here we will discuss about our cruise packages in detail:

Cruise packages:

These packages include the cruise ride and stays. These are considered to be very royal tour packages. The most famous cruise tour in north east is the brahmaputra cruise tour for 2 days. This tour is wonderful tour starting from Assam. We make all the arrangement which are needed to make this tour possible. There are many agencies which offer this facility. You have the freedom to even choose between these service providers as well. Some of the finest agencies linked with us are:

● Brahmaputra cruise. 

● Alfresco. 

● Assam Bengal navigation. 

● Om houseboat. 

These are some of the finest service providers you will find in Assam for cruise tours. The cruise tour include the ride for 2 days in Brahmaputra with a luxurious stay. This is a completely different experience from a regular hotel. You will enjoy the food in the mind blowing restaurants of these cruises. The cruise trips are admired by millions of tourists every year. During the cruise ride and stay, you will enjoy many things and you will also see many places which are very famous tourist spots. The brahmaputra cruise tour ends at the beautiful town of tezpur. 

Above is given all the information about the necessary details about the cruise tours in north east. These are amazing tour packages and most famous among couples. This is all about cruise tour packages to north east.

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