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Lew Duh Shillong North East

Lew Duh Shillong - North East

North east India is a part of India which lies near to its neighbours namely Bangladesh, Tibet, Nepal, as well as China. This part of India has great political importance for the country but has become one of the greatest tourist hub in India. Millions of tourists visit north east India for recreation with their family or friends. You can visit for so many tours and trips. We provide some of the most amazing tour packages to north east which include tours for family, friends, honeymoon, adventure, heritage, pilgrimage, etc. Tourist visit north east states in large numbers and majority of these tourists are from India. You will also find foreign tourists visit these beautiful states. These tourists get attracted to many things and features among which shopping is one of the major. Here we will be talking shopping in north east - Lew Duh Shillong. 

Shopping in north east - Lew Duh Shillong:

The lew duh is a market situated in the beautiful city of Shillong. It is also known as Bara Bazar. It is one of the major shopping place in Shillong. It is a very crowded marketplace in Shillong which has earned immense popularity among the tourists as one of the biggest and oldest shopping centre in the northeast. Lee Duh is a word which means the market of common people and thus you will see many local people roaming in the market. It is a mind blowing place to visit for some amazing shopping where you will find the shopkeepers as women from local towns. You will find so many things in this market on sale. These things include seasonal vegetables, fruits, exotic spices and handicrafts. Long time ago, this bazar was a part of Hima Shillong-Nongkseh capital. Then it was shifted to where it is now located. A huge ritual is performed every year in the month of April in this market. This is a local ritual performed in this market with huge monoliths known as Mawby nas installed and worshipped. These rituals mainly  take place at Khlieh Iew. This is one of the most protected and important area of the market. All the ceremonies related to this ritual are performed here only. Millions of tourists visit Lew Duh every year to enjoy some great shopping environment. which is the most important and protected area of the market. 

Bara Bazar is a wonderful place where you will be able not only to buy many products and items of local origin and of nearby regions but also explore the culture and tradition of the people here. The name lew duh is also known as ‘of common people’ compliments it to the fullest. You will be able to find this market very much friendly for common people as you will find all sorts of items which a common person needs and also the shopkeepers are all common people of nearby locality. You will be able to find different varieties of products on the shops and stores of this market. This market is considered to be very special as it is mostly run by women and these women handle majority of the stores. You will find many items to buy in this market which include seasonal vegetables, fruits, exotic spices, clothes, furniture,  local home decor and handicrafts. Millions of tourists who visit Shillong do visit this market. 

Above is given all the information about Lew Duh market of Shillong. This is all about shopping in north east - Lew Duh Shillong.

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