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Khwairamband Bazar Imphal North East

Khwairamband Bazar Imphal - North East

North east is the beautiful part of India famous for hosting millions and millions of tourists every year. The north east is famous for its states known as seven sisters. It is also very popular for its natural and picturesque destinations. It is one of the most visited part of India in terms of tourism. It is full mountains, beautiful valleys, green gardens, and nature pulchritude. You will be able to experience the best time of your life here. The states are full of exotic fauna and flora which provide breathtaking panorama and wonderful views during the tour of North east India. The tours to north east India are considered to be majestic tours full of so many things to do and experience some wonderful places. There are so many places to visit in north east among which many places are dedicated to wildlife. The most famous among such places is Kaziranga National park. You can visit north east india with your family as well as on a honeymoon.  North East is full of magical tourists destinations visited by millions of local as well as foreign tourists. North east India has become a very popular tourist area in India from last decade. You will be able find many things to do in north east and so many places to visit as well. Here we will be talking about shopping in north east - Khwairamband Bazar Imphal. 

Shopping in north east - Khwairamband Bazar Imphal:

The Khwairamband bazar is situated in the beautiful city of Imphal. This market is very popular for the colourful handmade products available there. You will find most of the products of Manipur in Khwairamband Bazar. This bazar being situated in the capital city is always full of crowd of both tourists as well as locals. This bazaar is mostly a famous place because it is ruled by Manipuri women. This is also known as the market for women. You will find more than 3000 women running the shops of this market. These women are famous as Imas, which means ‘mothers’. The local population of Imphal as call it by the name Nupi Keithel or Ima Bazaar. Thus, tourists also sometimes refer it by these names. This is the first market driven all by women in north east as well as in India. This bazar is exactly located on the sides of Khwairamband Road. On this road, you will find shops on both sides. One of these sides is dedicated to all the handloom products which are very popular among tourists. While on the other side, you will mainly find items related to eating. You will find vegetables, fishes, fruits as well as some food stalls. In this market, you will find some other products as well which include cosmetics, household utensils and beautiful jewellery. This is a complete package as far as shopping is concerned. For tourists, there are shops that sell different types handicrafts such as shawls, bedsheets and Manipuri dresses. The best and the most unique thing you will get to buy in this market is Plaited Osiers. These are beautifully crafted art of Manipur. You will also be able to find a very beautiful street near the Khwairamband Bazar where you will get cane baskets and furniture on sale. Millions of tourists who visit Imphal do visit this wonderful bazar. 

Above is given all the information about Khwairamband Bazar of Imphal. This is all about shopping in north east - Khwairamband Bazar Imphal.

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