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Jaintia Hills North East

Jaintia Hills - North East
The states located in the Northeast area of India are full of undulating hills, beautiful flora and fauna, wonderful wide green forests and gardens and valleys. You will be able to see different surprises in all the states of North east India. Because of these wonderful surprises, millions  of tourists and travellers visit these states. There are many places which attract all the travelers to visit this place again and again. There are so many activities and things  you will do in north east in terms of tourism if you travel with our tour packages. Here we will be talking about things to do in north east - Jaintia Hills.
Things to do in north east - Jaintia Hills:
The Jaintia Hills was once a part of the Jaintia Hill District. Now, this district has been divided into two separate districts - East Jaintia Hills and West Jaintia Hills. Now, you will find Jaintia hills as a part of Jowai. Jowai is a very beautiful town situated in Shillong. You can reach this place through Silchar national highway. In the neighbourhood of Jowai, you will find a large number of thrilling caves & caverns. These caves once used to act as the  hideouts during war between Jaintia Kings and foreign intruders. All these caves are found in the villages of Amlarem, Pdengshakap, Syndai and Nongtalang. Some of the prolific caves and caverns of this area are:
● THE CAVE OF EOCENE AGE. You will find a beautiful cave of the Eocene Age inside Jaintia hills. These have an upper fossil passage and a lower active passage. This cave has a majestic waterfall as well. It is at present one of the longest with a length of 6381 m and the deepest with the depth of 106.8 m cave in the India. 
● KREM KOTSATI : This is another important cave and has 8 entrances with the main entrance opening in a deep pool. There are some portions in the cave where you can swim in cold water. Even there are passages of rivers through which you can pass using inflatable rubber boat. This cave has a length of almost 3650 m.
● KREM UMSHANGKTAT : This is one of the oldest cave that you will find in Jaintia hills. It has an entrance passage of 350 metres which provided a comfortable passage on moist sand. At the end of this cave, you might require some simple climb over the limestone blocks. After climbing these stones, you will be able to reach the collapse doline of the upper entrance. After this, you might also need to belly crawl to finally be terminated from this cave. The length of this cave is 955 m. 
● KREM LASHING: It is a very large cave and one of the largest among the caves of Jaintia hills. It is about 50 m wide and 40 m high. You will find moist mud during most if the time in this cave. These can be very tricky with the slip. Thus, the best time to visit this cave is between february and March. The length of this cave is 2650 m.
● KREM SWEEP : This is the closest cave to the nearby village. This cave is located just a few minutes walk from the village school in a depression. It is an amazing little cave and has beautiful stalactites and stalagmites and measures 970 m in length. 

Above is given all the information about Jaintia Hills of Shillong. This is all about things to do in north east - Jaintia Hills.

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