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Haflong North East

Haflong - North East

One of the most fascinating places to visit in India is North-East. It is popular among the world as far as tourism is concerned. It is most popular as NER. It consists of seven 7 states which are called  as 'the seven sisters' of India. In this region, you will be able to explore all types of mountains, rivers, jungles, rainforests, plains, terrains, etc. You will also witness biodiversity of such kind which will make your trip awesome. All the people of North East India talk in different languages and they all generally know English language. In Arunachal pradesh, the language least spoken is Hindu. In India, most cultural diversities are found in North East India which attract millions of tourists every year. To visit North East, you will find the best passage ls through Assam, Bangladesh and Myanmar. It will require you with PAP, protected Area permit to enter Arunachal Pradesh if you are a foreign tourist. For the Indian citizens, it requires ILP, Inner line permit to enter Arunachal Pradesh. The office of home minister permit these licences. In North East Indian states, you will find a large variety of dishes which are known for its ethnic and delicious taste. You can also taste all types of cuisines both vegetarian as well as non vegetarian. Many natural herbs and spices are used to prepare these dishes which makes it healthy and tasty. One of the most famous drink found here is lao paani which is most liked drink in Assam. This Lao Paani is a type of tasty alcoholic beverage which consist of local herbs and rice and is available in every local market of Assam. North east India has many places to visit in queue for tourists to visit. Here we will be talking about a very beautiful place namely Haflong. 

Places to visit in North east - Haflong:

Haflong is the sole hill station of Assam with headquarter of North Cachar Hills (Dima Hasao). It is also known as White Ant Hillock, from Guwahati it is  310 kilometres away. One of the most beautiful place to visit here is Haflong hills which is full of landscapes, mountains and valleys. Switzerland of Northeast is the nickname of Haflong. This place offers you breathtaking views and it best picturesque spot which rich culture. Near silchar, Haflong is most visited tourists destination. This hill station is located in the south Assam and is near to the silchar city. So you can reach this place by the nearest airport of silchar known as Kumbhirgram Airport which is approximately 108 kilometres away. Here are many resorts, circuit houses and hotels where you can stay. Homestay is also available where you can every facilities from sleeping to eating by giving some fee. Winter is best time to visit which comes from October to February. Top visited tourists destination in Haflong are 

● Haflong Lake : it is vast lake which offers best view of Haflong attraction and you can feel the calm surrounding. 

● Haflong hill : this is main attraction which is full of serene environment, beautiful hills and greenery. Fir family picnic it is best place

● Silchar : it is nearest place to visit around Haflong. Between the road of Haflong and silchar, don't miss to see the bhubaneshwar temple. 

● Maibong : it is 47 kilometres away located from Haflong. It is most visited town because of Ramchandi temple. Here you can see different culture along with unique ancient centre. 

Above is given all the information about Haflong. This is all about places to visit in north east - Haflong.

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