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Dragon Restaurant Tawang North East

Dragon Restaurant Tawang - North East
Endowed with the magnificent and eye catching natural beauty of Northeast is popular in the whole world. It is situated between the hilly areas, forests and lakes that attracts the eyes of every person to explore. The beauty of Northeast is yet to be explored more. Land of rising sun in NER region is Arunachal pradesh, you can see different tourist famed places like sela pass, Ganga lake, Tawang Monastery, Gorichen Peak, Jawaharlal Nehru Museum and Namdapha National Park. 
● Namdapha Tiger Reserve is vast biodiversity and is 3rd largest national park located in the sub region of East Himalayan ranges. This park is far famed hotspot which is full of slow loris, hoolock Gibbons , clouded Leopard, stump tailed macaque, red panda, and wild buffaloes. 
● Gorichen peak is the highest peaks in Himalaya region of state Arunachal Pradesh. Trekking adventure offers you many breathtaking views of amazing valleys  and great peaks around. 
● Ganga Lake is located in Itanagar which is most picturesque destination and its known for its many recreation spots and boating. 
Assam is the majestic place which is full of tea plantations gardens. It's tea is popular for strong aroma and malty flavour. This state is largest tea plantations area in full India. All these tea plants grow in low land near the bank of Brahmaputra River. Bihu festival and harvesting festivals are celebrated every year in Assam. One of the oldest temple temple known as Kamakhya Temple is located in Assam on the Nilachal Hills of Guwahati. This temple is full of tantric worshippers and pilgrims. In addition to being a very traditional and a very important pilgrimage place, there are many attraction in north eastern states. One of the major tourist attraction found in north east is its delicious food and dishes. You will find many famous restaurants there. Here we will talk about a very famous restaurant. We will be discussing about eating out in north east - Dragon Restaurant Tawang:
Eating out in north east - Dragon Restaurant Tawang:
The Dragon restaurant is situated in the Old Market of Tawang. The Dragon Restaurant is the only restaurant in the town of Tawang where you will find traditional dishes of the same area being served to locals as well as to the tourists. In fact, it is one of the best place where you will find the most tasty eateries. You will be able to experience the earthy regional taste of the dishes of north east. This restaurant is the best place for all such people who are always willing to experiment with the food they eat. They will definitely love to taste most of the local dishes of Tawang. The Dragon restaurant is the most perfect place to be in and have a great meal. One of the most popular local dish that is served in Dragon restaurant is Churpi. It is a preparation in which fermented cheese broth is cooked with fungi and vegetables. Other delicacies to try at this restaurant are the Tibetan dumplings (also called momos) and chili chicken with salty Tibetan yak-butter tea. Every dish that is served in this restaurant is the most perfect blend of north eastern food and many other spices. This is considered to be a must visit place in Tawang. 
Above is given all the information Dragon Restaurant of Tawang. This is all about eating out in north east - Dragon Restaurant Tawang. This is one of the most famous restaurant in Tawang. Millions of tourists visit this place every year.

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